Chemical Galaxy: A New Vision of the Periodic Table of the Elements

Chemical Galaxy Poster
Chemical Galaxy Poster
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The "Chemical Galaxy" poster is a new creation in the world of periodic table charts. Developed by Philip Stewart, an ecologist at Oxford University, this table was created in a spiral design. It uses a starry pathway to link the elements and to express the astronomical reach of chemistry. The elements are arranged by their atomic number, starting with the galactic center and circle outwards. This design can also be read as the approximate sequence of formation of the elements in the history of the universe.

Neutronium, the "element of zero atomic number," absent from standard periodic tables, is at the center of this work. It forms most of the mass of neutron stars, of which there are thought to be 100 million in our galaxy, making it as abundant as oxygen.

The intention is not to replace the familiar table, but to complement it by stimulating the imagination and to evoke wonder at the grand order underlying the universe.

Copyright, 2006, Size 26" X 38", Laminated

Comes with information sheet.

Printed with Archival Ink to last 70 years.

UV-coated and laminated to protect against sunlight. Do not place in direct sunlight.

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