Canyon Diablo "Teardrop Shaped" Meteorite

Canyon Diablo "Teardrop" Shaped Meteorite
Canyon Diablo "Teardrop" Shaped Meteorite
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Canyon Diablo Meteorite "Teardrop" Shaped

This is a great display piece for any meteorite collection.

The Canyon Diablo meteorite comprises many fragments of the asteroid that impacted at Barringer Crater (Meteor Crater), Arizona, USA. Meteorites have been found around the crater rim, and are named for nearby Canyon Diablo, which lies about three to four miles west of the crater.

The asteroid fell about 50,000 years ago.The meteorites have been known and collected since the mid-19th century and were known and used by pre-historic Native Americans. The Barringer Crater, from the late 19th to the mid-20th century, was the center of a long dispute over the origin of craters that showed little evidence of volcanism. That debate was settled in the 1950s thanks to Eugene Shoemaker's study of the crater.

This meteorite is an iron octahedrite, and is part of a strewn field found primarily in Coconino County, Arizona.

Size: 1 3/8" L X 3/4" W X 1/2" D, Weight: 28.4 grams

Comes with information, authenticity and display box.

Guaranteed Authenticity: Jensan Scientifics, LLC.

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