Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari, South Africa

Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari - LG
Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari - LG
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Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari - LG
Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari, Large, South Africa New! Cherry picked from the Kalahari Desert, South Africa. Simply a fantastic and beautiful banded iron specimen sculpted by the winds of the Kalahari into this exceptional banded iron ventifact!

This is definitely a one-of-a-kind specimen from this famous location!

Banded iron-formation is composed of alternating layers of iron-rich material and silica chert. Each layer varies in thickness. It is evidence of aerobic life altering the early earth’s atmosphere by the precipitation of iron oxides.

Size: 52mm H X 53mm W X 46mm D, Weight: 285 grams

Shipped with information and certificate of authenticity. Legally collected on private land.

One-of-a-kind specimen.

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