Barberton Greenstone

Barberton Greenstone - Large
Barberton Greenstone - Large
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"Classic" Barberton Greenstone

Greenstone belts are so called because of the green hue imparted by the chlorite minerals within the rocks. Greenstone belts are mainly found in Australia, southern Africa, and Canada, and may be found included within igneous and metamorphic rock such as basalt, granite and gneiss.

The best known greenstone belt in the world is the South African Barberton Greenstone belt, where gold was first discovered in South Africa. The Barberton Greenstone belt was first uniquely identified by Prof Annhauser at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. His work in mapping and detailing the characteristics of the Barberton Greenstone belt has been used as a primer for other greenstone belts around the world.

Bodies of iron oxide up to 200 m across in the 3.8-3.2 Ga Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa, have been interpreted as deposits of Archean seafloor hydrothermal vents and have provided what are arguably key observations about surface environments on the early Earth.

No record of Archaeon life is found in these deposits.

Size: 1 1/4" W X 1 1" H X 1" D

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Location found: This samples comes from the Eastern Transvaal of the Barberton area, South Africa. This greenstone series includes: stichtite, talc, barbertonite, etc. It is the world's best preserved rock, 3.8 billion, Archaeon.

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