Antarctic Coal - Shackleton Memorabilia

Authentic Antarctic Coal -  Sold!
Authentic Antarctic Coal - Sold!
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Authentic Antarctic Coal -  Sold!
Antarctic Coal - Shackleton Memorabilia

Coal has been found in two regions in Antarctica - the Trans-Antarctic Mountains and the Prince Charles Mountains.Even though less than 1% of Antarctica's rock is accessible for direct examination it has not always been a cold and inhospitable place. Coal deposits found today in sandstone beds less than 500 kilometers from the South Pole show that these materials were laid down during late Paleozoic times under marshy conditions - in a cool, moist climate.

The Antarctic explorer Robert Scott's frozen body was found lying beside thirty-five pounds of rocks and fossils that he had collected on the moraines of the Beardmore Glacier. The samples were of coal and the fossil plant Glossopteris.

Sir Ernest Shackleton discovered coal in January 1909. His exploration party did not make it to the South Pole, but they did get within 97 miles of their goal when survival dominated valor. In the process, they discovered a route up through the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, through the Beardmore Glacier (and its treacherous crevasses), to the polar plateau. Somehow, 200 miles from the pole they discovered coal. In their struggles through a blizzard they noticed a coal seam, mapped the vein and brought back samples.

This sample came from the same coal seam area where Shackleton mapped and collected.

Certified authentic Antarctic Coal: Jensan Scientifics LLC

Size: approx 35mm H" X 17mm W X 20mm D

Comes with information and authenticity.

This material was legally obtained.