Asteroids Display Set

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Asteroids Display Set

On January 1, 1801, Giuseppe Piazzi found something entirely new. At first he thought it was a dim comet, but further observations showed the object to be in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Piazzi named the new object Ceres, after the Roman goddess of the harvest. Even with the most powerful telescopes of the day, Ceres did not show any visible size, but remained as a point of light; "star-like."

Starlike, in Greek, is asteroid!

There are millions of asteroids, many thought to be the shattered remnants of planetesimals, bodies within the young Sun's solar nebula that never grew large enough to become planets.

Here is a great geological display set that presents information about asteroids in an understandable way.

It includes 6 rock and minerals samples and one meteorite. Comes with an information sheet in a clear, see-thru quality plastic display bag.

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