Arrowhead - "Cradle of Humankind" - South Africa

Arrowhead - "Cradle of Humankind" - South Africa
Arrowhead - "Cradle of Humankind" - South Africa
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Arrowhead - "Cradle of Humankind" - South Africa
Arrowhead - "Cradle of Humankind" - South Africa

This arrowhead is most likely from the Acheulean (an archaeological industry of stone tool manufacture characterized by distinctive oval and pear-shaped "hand-axes" associated with early humans). Acheulean tools were produced during the Lower Palaeolithic era across Africa and much of West Asia, South Asia, and Europe, and are typically found with Homo erectus remains. It is thought that Acheulean technologies first developed in Africa out of the more primitive Oldowan technology as long ago as 1.76 million years ago, by Homo habilis. Acheulean tools are thought to be the dominant technology for the vast majority of human history.

About the Arrowhead This arrowhead is from an expedition to South Africa, in October, 2009. It was discovered on private land adjacent to "Wonderwerk Cave," near Danielskuil, South Africa.

"Wonderwerk" means "miracle" and this cave has been under archaeological research for a long time.

The cave is a Natural Heritage site and is located at the base of a high cliff. It is comprised of three caves and two shelters. The archaeological deposit has accumulated in the caves and against the cliff face to a thickness of more than 20 meters. The oldest remains of anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens) anywhere in the world were found at the Wonderwerk site. The site also contains some of the oldest, if not the oldest, evidence for the use of marine resources by humans anywhere in the world. There is archaeological evidence of human occupation in all archaeological layers, making this one of the longest inhabited caves on earth!

Arrowhead size: 57mm L X 34mm W X 5mm D, Weight: 25.7 grams

It is priceless artifact of ancient human history! Found on an open savanna, it was weathered by the elements and wind.

Ships with COA and information. Legally collected on private land.

Guaranteed Authenticity: Jensan Scientifics

This is the best arrowhead you will ever have in your collection, if not the most unusual!