Lunar Anorthosite Display Plaque

Lunar Anorthosite Display for Sale
Lunar Anorthosite Display for Sale
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Lunar Anorthosite Display Plaque for Sale

Anorthosite is a relatively lightweight silicate rock that forms much of the ancient crust of the Moon. Scientists needed to find it on the surface of the Moon to prove the theory that the Moon was once molten, and formed layers of different density rock and metal as it cooled.

The crew of Apollo 15 finally found and collected the prize sample from the lunar surface, which came to be called the "Genesis Rock", due to its extreme formation age.

This beautiful sample of terrestrial anorthosite was collected from the same place the astronauts were trained before flight by their geology teachers. By learning to recognize this rock, they were able to succeed in their search on the Moon.

Presented on an 7 X 9 inch two toned (walnut and oak) real wood plaque with an engraved title plate, this display sample is the size of a fist -- about the same size as the priceless "Genesis Rock" itself.

NOT A MOON ROCK BUT A Fantastic Earth ANALOG from a pristine location!

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