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Anorthosite "Moon" Pendant

Anorthosite "Moon" 14k Gold Jewelry
Anorthosite "Moon" 14k Gold Jewelry
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Product Description

Anorthosite "Moon" Pendant 14k Gold

Anorthosite is a relatively lightweight silicate rock that forms much of the ancient crust of the Moon. When we look at the Moon at night, much of the white that we see is "anorthosite," the material that makes up the lunar crust.

The crew of Apollo 15 finally found and collected a prize sample from the lunar surface, which came to be called, by NASA, the "Genesis Rock" due to its extreme formation age. A real piece of lunar anorthosite Meteorite costs thousands of dollars. Here is an earth equivalent at an affordable price.

This beautiful sample of terrestrial anorthosite is of the best quality and is a superb representative for the lunar crust. It has been polished and set in a 14K gold pendant.

Size: 1" diameter, 14k Gold Pendant. It comes with authenticity and information, in an attractive crushed black velvet jewelry box. Chain not included.

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