Antarctica Glossopteris Petrified Wood

Antarctica <I>Glossopteris</I> Petrified Wood XXL - New!
Antarctica Glossopteris Petrified Wood XXL - New!
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Antarctica <I>Glossopteris</I> Petrified Wood XXL - New!
Antarctica Petrified Wood Very Large - Very Old

Dadoxylon - Glossopteris

This is a slab of half of the diameter of the tree. Exceedingly rare!

This specimen dates to the early Permian. Location: Mt. Sirius, Antarctica

This sample is from the Polar Institute Expeditions 1950 - 60's

The French geologist Adolphe Brongniart (1801-76)coined the name Glossopteris for a fossil leaf in 1828. The name means "tongue fern" (Gk) but it held a few surprises. It actually turned out to have been a tree which grew to about 26 feet, and though appearing fern like, produced seeds. 'Seed ferns' became extinct in the Triassic.

Glossopteris is a name famous among geologists because it planted, in the mind of Eduard Suess, the first idea of Gondwanaland. Their fossils were found in many locations on several continents; which helped support early ideas of continental drift, plate tectonics, and the super continent Gondwanaland.

Unique to Gondwanaland were dense forests (about 1,000 to an acre) of Glossopteris which were shaped like Christmas pines. They grew to within 20 degrees of the south pole and there were just two seasons: one of complete darkness, the other of low light. Different from today's world their growth rings showed that these trees responded vigorously to what growth could be had in those six months of faint light.

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Specimen Size: 55mm H X 47mm W X 7mm D

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