Beaverhead Shatter Cone Museum Grade - Huge

Beaverhead Shatter Cone "Angel Wings"  73 Lbs.
Beaverhead Shatter Cone "Angel Wings" 73 Lbs.
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Product Description

This authentic Beaverhead Shatter Cone is museum grade. Dubbed "Angelwings" it is our huge, 73 pound, museum-grade shatter cone from the Beaverhead, Montana asteroid impact site. It's shown here in approximately correct scale with our handyman Atlas.

As with every shatter cone, "Angelwings" is a beautiful and fascinating relic of a devastating day (estimated at 600 million years ago) in what is now Montana, USA. On that day an asteroid estimated to have been about 6 miles in diameter slammed into the Earth, creating a maelstrom of shock, heat, and fiery shrapnel that would have destroyed the animal life and vegetation in a circle encompassing most of the present-day United States. The remains of the 35 mile diameter crater is situated between SW Montana and Idaho - and this beautiful red quartzite shatter cone is a witness to the destruction.

Science Mall's owner - Sarah Kennedy - personally brought it down from the mountain by herself, about 330 yards down a steep mountainside. Whew!...that was a challenge! One of our favorite pieces from the Jensan Scientifics collection.