The Amazing Soils of the Moon!

The Amazing Soils of the Moon
The Amazing Soils of the Moon
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The Amazing Soils of the Moon

This study set demonstrates the variety of textures and colors of the surface of the Moon. Although we think of the Moon as simply grey, the soils contain a variety of colors in tiny glass beads, ranging from red to orange to green to black. These are the result of molten magma being shot into the lunar sky-vacuum long, long ago by volcanic fire fountains.

The samples presented are from Earth, and have been chosen to match the rock soils and volcanic glasses discovered on the Moon. Also included is a sample of the rare mineral troilite, found in the soil of the Moon as a result of meteorite bombardment!

The samples are displayed in a 5 inch by 7.5 inch snap-close plastic case and each item includes a detailed information sheet.