Large 14K Allende Pendant

Large Allende Pendant set in 14K Gold - Sold!
Large Allende Pendant set in 14K Gold - Sold!
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Large Allende Pendant set in 14K Gold

Museum Grade Specimen

History of the Allende

The Composition of Allende Carbonaceous chondrites are thought to be the most primitive form of matter in the universe. Scientists theorize that if, at the beginning of time, the universe cooled and the dust clumped together and formed a rock, then the result would be something like a carbonaceous chondrite. You can learn more about the formation of chondrites on the internet. CI carbonaceous chondrites--a somewhat more primitive type--have a composition very close to that of the Sun.

The matrix or fine grained part of the Allende is primarily iron rich olivine. The total iron content is around 24 percent, but flecks of iron-nickel are only rarely found.

Allende carbonaceous chondrites have another interesting feature. White clumps of white material--many with finger-like projections--are found throughout the meteorite. When analyzed these are mixtures of high temperature oxides and silicates of calcium, aluminum and titanium. They have been named calcium-aluminum inclusions, or CAIs for short. Scientists believe that these are among the first matter to have crystallized. They are older than the Earth itself.

Some have speculated that because of the carbon in this meteorite, it was somehow associated with extraterrestrial life or with the arrival of life on Earth. Chemical analyses of carbonaceous chondrites have revealed both non-biological and biological amino acids--the buildings blocks of life. Some of these amino acids are not found on earth.

The implications for this discovery are twofold. First, the presence of these extraterrestrial amino acids suggests that extraterrestrial life is a real possibility. Secondly, amino acids arrived on modern meteorites, then why not on earlier ones--and perhaps they had more than just the building blocks of life. This latter theory is not accepted by many scientists--but conclusive evidence is ongoing.

The "Allende strewn field" is the area where the meteorites were found. The meteorite is named after the small nearby town of Pueblito de Allende, Mexico.

Like many meteorites, Allende entered the atmosphere and friction began to heat it up. The main mass of the meteorite exploded and the fragments fell over an area that came to be known as "Allende strewn field." The strewn field is estimated to be more than 60 square miles.

Description of the Pendant: Pendant is set in 14K Gold with matching 20" gold chain. The pendant comes with information and certificate of authenticity in a black velvet jewelry box.

Pendant size: 1 1/4" across, circular Comes with 20" matching gold chain

Meteorite size: 1" circular.

Features: Contains Large CAI 1/4" Wide Only one left. You are buying this exact meteorite pendant.

The only gift of its kind.

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