Acasta Gneiss XL

Acasta Gneiss XL
Acasta Gneiss XL
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Acasta Gneiss - XL

The Acasta Gneiss is a rock outcrop formed during the Hadean Eon, in the Northwest Territories, Canada, and estimated to be about 4.03 Ga. It is the oldest known exposed rock outcrop in the world. The Acasta Gneiss is named for the nearby Acasta River east of Great Slave Lake some 350 km north of Yellowknife. The rock exposed in the outcrop formed just over four billion years ago; an age based on radiometric dating of zircon crystals.

Samples comes in a clear see-thru mineral box with authenticity. It is not glued but adheres to the case with removable mineral tack so one can plainly view both sides.

Size: 2 1/2"W X 3" H X 3 1/2" D, 13 ounces

This is the exact specimen for sale.

The Acasta outcrop is found in a very remote area of the Tlicho land settlement. Great rare specimen!

Comes with display box, information and authenticity Jensan Scientifics, LLC.