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Lightning Sand Fulgurite Jewelry 14k Gold
Regular price: $399.95
Sale price: $365.00
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Sterling Silver Petite
Regular price: $165.00
Sale price: $145.00
Megalodon Fossil Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace
Regular price: $465.00
Sale price: $395.00
Infinity Flammarion Universe Poster 16 X 20
16" W X 20" L
Regular price: $55.00
Sale price: $49.95
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Rare Exotic "Tree"
Regular price: $165.00
Sale price: $125.00
Grand Tour of the Periodic Table
Regular price: $725.00
Sale price: $599.95
Manganese Nodule - NEW!
"Shatterer of Worlds" Oppenheimer Poster
Green with Minor Black Trinitite for Sale
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $165.00
Sciencemall a on-line store that features science gifts and rare scientific collectibles for the adult science enthusiast. We sell lightning sand fulgurite jewelry, meteorite jewelry, rare rocks and rare minerals, and geological oddities. Science Mall USA also sells trinitite (Atomite, collected in 1948) and deep ocean materials such as manganese nodules and ocean vent materials. You will find beautiful science art decor posters that creatively accent a room, Titanic coal jewelry, unique desk display pieces, giant sea shells and jaws, and other diverse scientific products.

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We will return your call or any legitimate inquiry within the business day! No soliciting, however...

We do buy some scientific estate collections and do material trades with scientific institutions.

We are at shows and on expeditions frequently to bring you the best science specimens and gifts possible!

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